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Miles On Main

[Verse 1]
Back when freedom was a fixer-up Chevy
My first beer was my old man's heavy
I stole out of that shop fridge Friday night
Heaven seemed like a long ways off
The radio sounded like Tim McGraw
And everybody knew you by your four-wheel drive

We were puttin' miles on Main
Sweatin' in the heat for a couple of bucks to buy beer and gasoline
So we could put some miles on Main
Back then we was all about gettin' out
But now I'd give anything
To put a couple miles on Main
[Verse 2]
We all swore that the world dropped off
Two roads south of that Baptist cross
So we always turned around at the wеlcome sign
We'd head on down to sеt up shop
In the back of that Hardy's parkin' lot
'Til Barney run us off with his spotlight

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Date Added: 2022-07-02
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