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Here I AM

Here I am
After so many years

[Verse 1]
Niggas tried to dead the God
But instead, the God did a flip
I'm not a Blood or a Crip
I don't need no gang shit to get a grip
It's 8 AM, I'm writing lines
It's 8 AM, you sleeping behind the blinds
I'm not a 'need to belong' nigga, I'm God
The sun don't shine on you, you wondering why that's odd?
I been to Yale, been to jail, they both have they place
I ain't no battle rapper, nigga, you better not spit in my face
You fighting a case, I'm fighting life
Stress make your hair fall out, strife
Niggas that walk with you, make sure they got heart
Half these niggas I never seen at the start
Yeah they royal, but when shit go down, are they loyal?
I'm hell and high water, monsoons
Billion winters and billion Junes


[Verse 2]
You ever took a bath in Brazil
With two bad bitches with bodies that kill?
You on the couch, you wanna chill
That's your hallmark? That's your motherfucking skill?
You stay frozen in time
Remember in Miami we had it frozen with lime?
I might not be car for car, but I'm bar for bar
Nothing would ever diminish my star
I'm the rapper's rapper, but first I'm your man
I wear my heart on my sleeve as sure as I stand
Whether we go to war for a penny or a grand
Whether we up top or in this hot south land
I won't back down an inch
Teams is marked in history, how they react in a pinch
Understand that, yo, let's build a legacy, a dynasty


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