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Hi Again Haters

yall i cant help it but im still hot play boy..its the return of the G.O.A.T you nam sayin drama king

call these ball boys open at my block coz when my joint knock they get all hot the hell yall know about real hip-hop in 80's i turned hard tops to drops 90's shipped the men cut the tops shows outta town robb a bank ready to pop paris france supermodel in the mall while your still floating inside ur paps place 20 years later still aint heard of yall ur just a grown man damm whats the problem daug your really that hard beat? drop some bars meet me at the lott lets compare some cars see which one you choose yours or ours whose under preasure whose you paid for i bought real states at my very first tour homie you sound kookoo i've been hot since the guards fought the zulu's so wipe my ass when you drop your sound doodoo

Hi haters he said it just right at two hundred mil the sears feel nice even got the fashionistas kindda hot like it or not im moving shirts like rock (like rock) caught them talking records in the down town blocks so i flipped the game you annonimous lame tryed to put next mans in LL lane but it cant be done his voice is my sons ask em how to drop top road pass em dreaming at my slot when the home boys guessed em
you're now in the summer of the GOAT light blue sky nobody test i smoked the track till the hood feel high dont nobody want it now ask them why my former competitors will testtify got permenently injured and left to die so hot i put lil mo on crash even im 5 years ...too hot tell me what these cats are doing no offence T-pain withought him im still flames respect baby mad love for lil wayne but when you hear LL recognise the name thats why i got respect for the young boy game he gave me my props without riding my cock
blis to know this LL so hot
just like to screen it to em when im standing on the block
they ask if im rich im like yea why not
they listen to me spit they like playa dont stop

under 16 know me from the big screen my pockets rockin infecting the game green unders 25 know the love songs tight even under spell they kindda fell for the hight they dont no that G.O.A.T attached to one name first rapper with big gold chains and champaigns you dont wanna play me is best yall reframe follow as crazy smooth as wood graned halalujah kill all the rumours return of the G.O.A.T watch that bentley manauver security bonded.......tough guy poses but i know these bars move yahh its alright you can like LL why you think they name me to the rock the bell why you think they taking off they shirts to sale gold chains swingging like they're as hard as hell
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I Helped build the hiphop nation
How the four walls gonna hate on the foundation
My rhyme book created your occupation
Its a Goodfellas moment just a lack of appreciation
I feel like Paulie when he turned his back
But I poisoned the cheese for these thirsty rats
I even heard em say I was off beat on the track
Its a lazy flow, you lazy you should know
CLOWNS amaze me when they say I aint a GOAT turn around dickride cats who paid to blow now they wanna know who im talkin about No body specific this is not a gimmic i've shown yall a path thats has no limits you can hate on the made back or get your ass in it

LL cool J no body's hot as me no way i keep beat for yall all day im lockin it down in the game like raw way

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