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Girl catch the play (Go), think slowly, slowly (Said I came out the Nawfside)
They don't know me, they don't know me (And I was, I was, you know, I was young at the time)
I feel like my heart got a slow leak (And I—, I been through so much)
Keep it rollin', whole plan is holy (And—, f*ck these niggas, just sayin')
Hustlin' and I'm locked in, oh-woah, woah

Keep it rollin', they know that I could never let go
I got all this money, it ain't changing me, no
You know that I keep one hunnid if you never let me down
Hard knock life, shoot on sight, rock and roll
It's a haunted house
Shorty dream, don't know if it's love, love, love
No, no, no
Nah, I can't just let you take me out
At the house I'm makin' money pile
Niggas want clout, I'm changing the style
Every one minute I'm changing the ride
Ho don't get it, can't talk right now
Lotta blue Benjis, ten million on side
Flood her, that's all that she want and I did it

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Date Added: 2022-04-19
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