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Home Alone

Goddamn Iv
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go (Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up)
Is it going on the scale? (Uh, yeah) Aight
Yeah (Yuh), yeah (Yuh), yeah (Yuh), yeah (Yuh, yuh, yuh), yeah, uh (Why?), uh (Why?), uh (Why?), uh (Why?), uh (Why?)

This the life I choose (Life I choose)
Call me Kleenex in the streets 'cause I'ma wipe his nose (Wipe his nose)
I'ma get ya gone (Get 'em gone)
Twenty-two for this exotic (Yeah, yeah) and it's stupid strong
I just set up trap (Set up trap)
Like it's Home Alone (Home Alone)

We got lot's of scraps, I double tap to get you gone (Grrah)
Still remember when the feds raided my Memphis home (Why?Why?)
Heard my line tapped, I switched up T-Mobile phones (Mobile phones)
They ran in lil' stevens spot, bitch, that's the wrong home (Wrong home)
Cou' pop 'em bean bappers (Bappers), eyes look like honeycomb (Honeycomb)
And I got mob ties (Mob ties), like I'm Honeycomb (Mob ties)
And I got mob ties (Mob ties), like I'm Al Capone (Mob ties)
These niggas McDonald's fries (Huh? Huh? That's on my mama)
A dollar just to get 'em gone
Cop can't ask me before I.D, I am not the driver (Driver)
Never threw a pitch for MLB (MLB), but you know I'ma slider (Slider)

Date Added: 2022-01-21
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