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[Intro: Roderick Giles & Grace]

Whoa (x10)

[Verse: The Experience]

I know this my time
Yeah this my time
Through the joy and the hard times
You were always here
And I swear I can't
Begin to think where I would be without you
Lord God
I think you for saving me
Paving my weaknesses
Making this room for what's great in me
Whatever this feeling is I hope that it stays in me
Cause demons been plottin' Lord but this music is meant to be
Don't ever let material be my downfall
But I'm a king so I know that I deserve it all


I think I deserve it all
I just been working
Grinding with purpose
I get a lil' nervous
But I know I can do it
I just push through it
This a message for you an all
If you believe it, you can receive it
Make the best of each day
Your blessing is on its way

[Hook: Roderick Giles & Grace]
Now I know
That it is my time
To show the world
This gift I have inside

Now I know
That it is my time
To show the world
This gift I have inside

Whoa (x20)

[Verse 2: The Experience]

I got a good team I am never alone
I know I'm original
Never no clone
This for the DMV
This for my home
This for the girls that I stay doing wrong
This one for Mommy and Gammy
I thank y'all I love y'all forever
Y'all always stay strong
This for Amanda, Polo, and Javon
This for the girls that ain't give me no play
This for when they gon be screaming my name
This for when pops said he was on the way
This one for Johnyie rekindle old flames
This for the text when you called me insane
This for the light that stay all in my heart
This for the fact it outweigh all the dark
This for the team man just stick to the plan
This a time capsule when I am the man

{Hook 2: Roderick Giles & Grace]
I'm so happy, happy, happy (x4)
Whoa (x30)

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