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Hot Line

Time for da Juice Mane to go insane
Time for da Juice Mane to go insane
Time for da Juice Mane to go insane
Time for da Juice Mane to go insane
DatPiff.com World Premiere
Time for da Juice Mane to go insane

[Verse 1]
Phone jumpin', jumpin' like a hotline
They say they runnin', tell them niggas stop lyin'
They say they comin' for me, might as well stop tryin'
Styrofoam full of red, stop sign
Smoked out, loced out, nigga I'm flyin'
I been so high, I be cool with not comin' down
Couple mil', tryna see that shit a hundred times
You had chances, fuck that shit up like a hundred times
North side, all you hear about is homicide
Get inside, or be victim of a drive-by
Stash spot, police raid it five times
I made it out, feel like I got nine lives
I was pimpin', felt like I had nine wives
Fuck all them hoes, I fucked 'em all nine times
I turn't up, now the game all mine
No false flaggin', nigga I got mob ties

You know man, everyone always be like, yo, yo, yo, man
When you gon' bring Three Six Mafia back
When y'all gon' get back together
Man, me and Paul still talk, man
We gon' work it out, Imma tell you bout my city

[Verse 2]
Memphis niggas walk up to your house
Knock on your door and blow yo' ass off
Rob you for yo' new shit 'fore you even snatch the tag off
Young niggas get money, pop the Rover at the trap house
I just hit my jeweler like I'm 'bout to drop a bag off
You ain't survivin' my city, choppers revolvers and semis
Don't need no reason to kill you, you gotta mind your own business
My city groomin' them killers, felony weapon, concealers
You know I run with them dealers
I see more zombies than Thriller
Where the land, where the dollars at
Where the waitress servers, where the bottles at?
All the bad bitches flock where the ballers at
They tryna follow my wave like a shark attack
I got my wrist on winter, joint longer then goddamn car antenna
Fuckin' in the car for a chance to take her home, I get face and all
So she get out my lap, I'm takin' off

You're a nigga!
Nasty fucking nigga! (Nigga, nigga, nigga)

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