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[Verse 1: Danny & J-Dog & Charlie Scene]
Wild kids ride into the night
Full moon, we're drowning in the light
You don't need to beat me (Oh-oh-oh)
You just need to keep up with me and Charlie Scene
Feet down and we're on the street now (Yeah)
Undead, wild and free now
Danny, get 'em, let 'em bleed out
J3T, just part the sea now (Oh-oh-oh)
For us, it never ends
No time to pretend (No more)
So here we go again
Yeah, here we go again
[Chorus: Charlie Scene & Danny & Johnny 3 Tears]
I'd rather die than watch the sands slip by the hourglass
(The hourglass)
The angеls cry as the lost boys die 'cause thеy never left
But lost boys never die
Lost boys never die
(Lost boys never die)

[Verse 2: Johnny 3 Tears]
These streets look the same to me
It's me that's changed, memories
No last words, no eulogy
Haunted city, palm trees
Dust to dust, from dawn to dusk
J-Dog's got that LA up
Born and bred to rep the west
'Til the sun sets and no one's left

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