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Houston 2Gether

Uh, I seen a black man rescuing a white man
Can't nobody tell me my city won't be alright man
Flood water to the ceiling, we ain't got no lights man
It ain't safe to brush your teeth, you just might lose your life man
Sister don't give up, I know you 'bout to lose your mind bro
Y'all ain't got no food but you welcome to some of mine though
Shout out to Sylvester Turner, yeah my man kept it real
Didn't leave like a real politician, he stayed here in the field
They say Paul Wall just talking diamonds in his grill
All I see him do is empty out his pockets when it's real
I'm just tryna get us to safety, not tryna get a deal
I see enemies come together and say we here to build (let's do this)
Cause the city's torn down, hardly did us in
Can't sleep in the house tonight when somebody gon' get us in
People putting boats in the water, making sure neighbors good
And I ain't talking the street they live on, I'm talking the neighborhood

Houston together
I used to wanna see Houston together
Right now

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