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Hurry And Wait

Hee's baaacckk!!To rip on this track, I'll rip any broadI don't care, white or black!Hee's baaacckk!If Pit's on da job, then there's no need to worryDog just hurry up and wait, 'cause I aint Going no where anytime soonSick what these rappers wanna be?That's me, times 2Now…Get ready for me to take over this gameI'm cutting da flow, like I'm cutting da caneThings will never be da samePause…There's a lick for 50 bricksNow pause…And think about itThen pause…Is it really worth it?Then pause… pause…F**K YEAH!!!I'm ready to go, jump in da rideGet da mask, get da gloves [Hurry And Wait lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Cut off da lights, pop da gatRun inside, fire'em up or tie'em upBut don't forget to pick up da prizeAnd upgrade the ??If they don't give up da piesNow…I would hate to have to calm these boys down'cause to be honest I can't, so Pal…Why don't you just give us da keys and poundsNow Guess What He Said?[Chorus 2x]Ya'll want my spot?! Hurry up and wait! Ya'll want me to stop?! Hurry up and wait!Ya'll want me shot?! Hurry up and wait!Ya'll hurry up and wait! Ya'll hurry up and wait!I've been brought up, By street cats who didn't get caught upLike that New Jack Nino Brown at da CarterI'm da new Tony Montana, only I'm just aLittle bit smarter!

Date Added: 2008-03-24
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