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Hush (2nd Or 3rd Single)

[7 Aurelius]Hush baby, wanna let ya knowThis is how its gonna go[beat starts up][Chorus - 7 Aurelius]Hush baby, wanna let ya knowThis is how its gonna goIf u wanna come and playGotta do it my wayHush baby, dont talk so muchJust wanna feel ya touchEverything will be okIf u do it my way (my way, my way)Hush baby [echoes][Verse 1 - LL Cool J]U feel so goodRest of my life i wish i couldHold u tight and take a flight out the hoodWas i foul or just misunderstood?Mind-mannered or up to no-goodIt really doesnt matter, either way i shouldMaximize the moment and hold ya closeJump in the drop spider and cruise down the coastWho loved u the most?I was never ghostWhen lives was on the lineConfusion in ya mindRunnin outta timeDrama of all kindBut theres faith in our mindWe spiritually inclinedSometimes i flipSometimes u flipSometimes we wild out and act like lunaticsWe movin too fast, the whole world's in a rushEverybody just hush...[Chorus x1][Verse 2 - LL Cool J]Its all a test; the pain, the dramaThe villa in the bahamasThe highs, the lows[Hush (2nd Or 3rd Single) lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]The hoop-t, the RollsThe money flowinCertain doors that we go inThe people we meet, the hands that we shakeWhether its Mortans or Sizzla steakBut everything will be okay[w/ 7 Aurelius] if we do it my way'cause i believe in romanceKissin while ya slow danceMe bouncin baby? no chanceNo matter the circumstanceWhatever it takes gurl, ill swim to France'cause ya beauty's unmatchedSuch a great catchUnconditional love, forever we are attatchedDeal with the drama, we can find our way backWith or without the Maybach...[Chorus x1][Verse 3 - LL Cool J]I can feel ya painLike we simese twins connected by our brainsWalkin thru the desert in the ice cold rainWant u in my life and nothins gonna changeGod willin, we still be doin our thangWhen my six-pack's fadedRaps outdatedBut thats many years from now so dont rushLittle mama just hush...[Chorus x1][7 Aurelius]Hush babyHush hush darlingHush baby hush hushDont talk so muchWanna feel ya touch[LL Cool J]Hush baby hushHush baby hush[7 Aurelius]Hush baby wanna let ya know... [echoes]

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