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Hustlers Withdrawal

[Verse 1]Yo, he went from a street kid doin regular street thingsStraight to a street kingTakin over the city, block by blockBreakin down bricks, servin em rock by rockHe's everything a young gun wanna grow up to beBut if only these young guns could seeThat murder, money and lust, is slowly murderin usCause the drug game aint what it used to beSo look deeper when they paint you a pictureAnd try to sell you a dream, cause alot of these drug lordsTurn to the feds, and turn into fiendsThe crack game aint everything its cracked up to beNow the cat that was a neighborhood celebrityIs coppin rocks, off the new kids on the blockAt the same time, tryna school emBut these hoodlums got heads as hard as the rocks that hes doinHustlins like a drug, its got withdrawal symptomsAnd if you know this, you wont stkip painBut you will gain wisdom, and wisdom gains powerDont let your life go sour over power[Chorus 2x]Hustlins like a drug, its addictingThe more you huste, the more you get addictedThe longer you hustle, the deeper the addiction (Its a hustlers withdrawal)If you used to push weight, you'd relate[Verse 2]Not only did my father used to deal the doughHe used to do the dope, used to dealI'm just keepin it realNow my father doesnt have shit,I dont have shit, we dont have shitCause he didnt stack SHIT!With all the money he madeHe didnt think for one second to put money awayThats cause his mind was clattered with white thoughtsHe's lucky that he didnt end up outlined in white chalk[Hustlers Withdrawal lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]The only thing I can say I've gained from my father isKnowledge of the street game, and I hope that yall follow thisI cant say I havent sold weed or cocaineBut I can say this, money that comes quick, leaves quickAnd yall better believe thisCause this I've lived, and witnessedCatch a couple of charges, now your on the laws shit listNow your forced to do businessUntil this business does you of courseCause you can die from doin dope or dealin dopeYou choose the road that you get to followAnd you choose the people that you look up to as role models[Chorus 2x][Verse 3]I know about hustlersBut I wont mention no namesCause they still got cases pendingAnd some are even appealing life in the cageAt least they made it past the first phase: they reached a certain ageHustlins like ADs, at first your infected with HIVAnd then its full blown, only different isInstead of havin no immune systemYou become immune to the system, of havin dough, by a dealin blowIts a fast life, and even if you survive your mind'll die slowDirty money attracts dirty thingsAnd if you plain to deal the dope, I hope your ready for the murder gameCause thats what it bringsI'm not a preacher, I'm not tryna preach, noI'm not a teacher, I'm not tryna teach, butYet like a faucet, I'm tryin to leakInfo to these youngns and their kinfolkAnd let em know theres more to life than a key to cokeIf you use to push weight, then you can relate, cause you've probably had a taste ofHustlers Withdrawal[Chorus 2x]

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