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I`m Assuming

Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm
No love for no p*ssy
It's overstood, nigga, we all kill shit
You already know, get the f*ck off me
Nigga know Ice on me, nigga, I'm on that slime shit, bitch
I done already lost everything to this shit, nigga, I take everything, bitch
p*ssy nigga, yeah
I'm on that, ayy, Garrett, give me that AK
They wanna know right now, bitch-ass nigga, here it go

I'm assuming, them bitch-ass niggas caught themselves stoppin' me (I'm assuming)
I'm assuming, my young nigga murder shit, they bust shots for me (Yeah)
I'm assuming, niggas gon' pay me everything they got for me (Bitch)
I'm assuming, niggas they think I'm playin' like Monopoly (p*ssy)

All that throwin' them slick shots on the 'Gram, that's how you end up dead
And I don't got no love for no p*ssy nigga, I want off with his head (Gang)
And I don't give no f*ck 'bout what you rep, you know my opps they bled (Gang)
I done bust out shots for others niggas 'cause other niggas was scared (Gang-gang)
Ask me what I rep, I rep that red, black ain't far from red
Nigga tried to clip me like some dreads, ski mask on his head
Niggas don't want no smoke 'cause when it come war time, these niggas scared
I'm the type of nigga put money on your head, come kill you for it then get the bread
I've been a street nigga that murder shit, rappin' shit my second hobby (Gang-gang-gang)
I'm on a burge 'bout to purge with the young niggas, they stackin' bodies (Brrrtt)
Bust out the Lamb truck, I don't give no f*ck, I'm bussin' out the new Ferrari (Skrr)
p*ssy-ass nigga and I'm still Retarded (Bitch)
This on gang, I'm still mobbin' (Gang-gang, gang)
I'd give this shit up right now if I could see my dawg alive (I swear to God)
I sold my soul to the devil raw before back life was wild (Bitch ass nigga)
I seen some niggas make changes on me, I took care of they child (I'm on their shit, nigga, what's up, nigga?)

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