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I Feel Good

[Intro: Z-Ro]
Hold up mayne..
You nawmsayin?
What up to that boy Pusha T
I know you fucking with me mayne, showing you some love back you nawmsayin

[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
Hold up
I feel good, doing this shit for my hood
You ain't got to show no love
Cause I'm a mothafucking thug
And I can buy my own drugs
I don't need help
So guess what, I'ma help myself
Hit the dopeman and buy my sack
Hit the weedman and buy my pack
Straight like that, never will [?]
It's the nigga Ro, I'm holding my dick bone
Free my nigga Michael Corleone
Let him come home, so he can ride chrome
Mayne, let a nigga just go off
Going so hard, I never go soft
I'm my own boss, I'm the employer
Nigga like me, I've payed my lawyer
Like Tom Sawyer, keep my [?] up
Drink my cup till it's empty then refill it up
Nigga fell off but I brought it right back
Bet I'd put a hole in your mothafucking head
I don't give a fuck about nigga none of y'all
If all y'all bumping, I murder everyone of y'all
Ain't no thing, like a chicken wing
Coming down Fondren, right on Main
Maybe Hillcroft, I'ma pop a pill
Higher than a mountain top, higher than a hill
What the fuck you feel, Houston, Texas
No love for plexers, wear my vest to breakfast
Always mean, never ever happy
How do I get my money? I get it snappy
Nigga like Rotha, Relvis, it's Silly D
Nigga I don't give a fuck if you ain't feeling me
Cause, I represent the Mo
Everybody at the barbershop ain't no ho
Showing much love, never been a scrub
Nigga I'ma crip and my nigga is a blood
Straight like that, it ain't no beefing
A million mothafucking dollars ho, that's what we seeking
And we going get it, then we going split it
A bad bad bitch, I bet a hundred I'd hit it
Bitch I ain't a ho, never been a trick
I'ma tell you one time, raise up off the dick
What up Screwed Up Click, that's my fam
And the master kush, I got a thousand grams
Talking about bags, talking about sacks
Screw blue candy paint homie on the back, and the front, and the side, and the doors
And leave a nigga frozen
He's all outlined in chalk, about to be going
To another mothafucking place, cause I put the bullet in his mothafucking face
Free my nigga Pharoah, and free my nigga Grace
It's the nigga Ro, and my flow is straight laced
Slowing my pace, I'ma win the race
Nigga like Rother Vandross, I got space
I'm talking about outer, Pluto, and Neptune
It's the nigga Ro, I ain't the one you wanna step to
Out on Mars, fucking yellow stars
Plenty yellow brauds, plenty cars
Plenty plenty clothes, plenty flows
I hit the Chase Bank I got plenty dough
Nigga and I bet that, and the candy I'ma wet that
Pull out the Calico, beware bitch get that..

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