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I Get Money (Remix)

[Hook: Milk Dee]
I-I get
I-I get
I-I get money!
I-I get money!

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Fuck I look, like coppin’ denim and tops?
Niggas wanna book me, but they ain’t spendin’ no guap
That’s why, I pull up to the curb, like fuck's the word?
You know, I keep the twenty-two tucked, in the girdle
Had to leak one of my bitches off, “Throop and Myrtle”
Put the shells to your back, now they callin' you turtle
See, if you wanna laugh, you can laugh, but nigga
Get my money, get my cash, get my math, see everything’s
Funny 'til that ass gettin' trashed, I'm getting dirty
Money, like my stash need a bath, see boys?
If it don’t make cents, then it don’t make dollars
When broke niggas holla, I just pop my collars
The dope boys get it, yeah, the dope boys cool
But, the white boys say, they be like, "Nicki’s rules!"
Like, you got money, 'cause you’re sittin' on dubs
Where your company, nigga where your pay stubs?
Look I'm on the grind and I'm lookin' for the grub
Fifty in the club, and we lookin' for the bub
Talkin' 'bout you wanna enjoy me, first you gon’
Need to get a couple employees, get it?
Get your money right, get your money right, right?
Then you can bite, you know this something tight, tight
You know I smoke bitches, I'mma need a light, light
Coogi on my coochie, size three, white Nikes, (CHEA!)

I get money, money I got
I get money, money I got
I get money, money I got
I get money, money I got
(I get it) I-I get money
I got m-money I got, m-money I got

I keep a fresh pair of sevens on

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