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I Go Back to You

[Verse 1:]
Sometimes you cross my mind on the first pull of a smoke
We're in my old Jeep running down a rock creek road
There’s nothing up ahead just a million miles to go
The first node to hotel California and am back
Floating down the river me and you and our six pack
Your lips don't leave my lips, till longer after the sky turns black

Everybody sees a different seen when you
Get hit with a memory
Mine’s always you and me
Fighting down the Summer breeze
Long kiss, a high school ring
Young love running wild and free
Everybody’s got a place that they go to
I go back to you

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes it really don't take much to set it off
Might be the first smell of a fire in the fog
That makes me close my eyes and wonder until am lost


[Verse 3:]
I go back to
We breaking in, in an abandon house
We lay down, naked on the ground
And riding fast and the rain fell down
People have so much to lose
Come on girl, tell me the truth
Don’t you ever go there too
Cause I go back to you
Back to you
I go back to you

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