Clowd - I miss u (prod. hateful) Lyrics

I miss u (prod. hateful)

I remember that first date with you
I remember i was going crazy thinkin’ bout you, thinkin’ bout you
On my brain 24/7 thinkin’ bout you

Why you always on my mind
Why you not letting go of the times we had
Now i’m feelin’ so sad
I miss the times where i had you by my side
Then i think about the times that we had got me so sad
I really wanna talk to you, i really wanna hit you with the.... “i miss u” text
Then i tell you i cannot be your next once again, we were already something more then sex
Then you went back to your ex
You always had me blushin i was never bluffin with you by my side
I just needa take the time to realize that you’re never coming back
I really needa learn how to relax, kick it back cause i know we were toxic
Now i’m feelin’ sick
I really wanna tell you i miss u and to come thru cause i really needa tell you i miss u, to come thru cause i miss u
I don’t know how to react, now i got no one by my side, and i could feel that shit so vividly, the pain so vivid, i’m so sad damn man

Date Added: 2017-11-30
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