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Idle Hands

Idle hands and bridled passions
Muddled thoughts with good intentions
And don't you know there are things far worse than that?
I used to spell out all my problems in simple one-line declarations
And analyze my feelings for things in similar ways
This may be the finest thing
The finest thing i've found to date
But the bed is where i'd be all day if given half a chance
I used to spell out all my problems but kept them hidden in a bottle
And sealed the cork and sent it off and waited for a good reply one day
And still i maintain this grudge for people 'cause' they're not like me
And there are several things that i think rank far worse than that
I used to envy all the people who cursed at things for useless reasons
And kept my dark side hidden in my pocket and i thought i had it made

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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