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Woke up, got my K
Soulja Boy Tell'Em, full gas no brakes
I'm headed to the money, ain't shit funny
Smoking chronic, I gotta roll hard like my first name Sonic
I'ma boss, I'ma fiend to the fuckin dead presidents
The IRS looking for me, for my residents
Sucked the time after time, they lied on my name
Spreading rumors about me in this hip hop game
But it's all good cause I put them tame after tame
They can't tame me, so they brainwash the public
So I had to do it like nobody else does it
And I had to leave the scene so they saying who was it
It was me, it was Beezy
I made the shit look easy
Yellow diamond watch, yeah that shit is so freezy
Shoutouts to my fans, they know I be throwing bands
When I'm standing on the stage and they standing in the stands
Man I ball hard, yeah I go hard
Still on the deck, I pull the check
I pull the check out, man I rest out
Man I cash out, man I break out
Man I mess out, take the gas out
Take the K out, I'm gone take off on the haters
Talking down on me, but I rose up like elevators
At the same time my mind was on money
I couldn't stop
So I had to get full throttle, headed to the guap

IGot, money in my pocket
IGot, girls scream my name
IGot, every shoe you name
IGot, iGot, iGot
Girls screaming for me
IGot, girls dreaming for me
IGot, every shoe you name
IGot, iGot, iGot
Every shoe you name
IGot, girls scream my name
IGot, go head and sing iGot

I'm stealin, I'm trusted
Moving and I'm pearlinin and I'm pullin
And I'm working heavingly
And I know these kids is influenced by this stuff they hear on the radio, deadly faces
I'm on vacation, I'm a movie
I need a standing ovation
My name is little Soulja, I can tell you two times to get yo money and shine because one day you gone die
I'm puttin this shit on the map
And if they keep swagger jacking man I promise I'ma snap
But I'm on back to the basics, I swear I'm back to the nation
I give back to the people, I swear everyone equal and all
My name is Soulja Boy Tell'Em, I ball
Everyday 'till until I fuckin' fall


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