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II The Great Eternity

A wind of denial
Comes over the sea
It's falling down
Under the rainbow
Protected by memories

The valleys behind you
A truth to deceive
Find your way
The angels are calling
A journey of great believes

So there's time to be home again
Is this the way for me

There's so much to see
Inside the great eternity
Come and feel,
The Lamb will set you free
For the lonely heart
There's a flame in the dark,
In the great eternity of light

The way to an answer
Is gone by the wind
Believe the way
Your heart will be free
In the great eternity

In days of tomorrow
You're leaving the past
Once you will find
The dream is now over,
Through God you are free at last

So there's time to be home again
This is the way for me

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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