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Looking For A Piece of mind
Repeat The Steps Proceed to Grind . This Solar Flare Will leave You Blind . Lost Composing Flows And Tracks But Potent Cuz Im Froze in Time . Potions open up My Pores And Doors That Blow like Dynamite . Dancing with the Devil Tie My Shoes And Tithing Up my Tye . Demonic not What I Imply . People Mad I Won't Comply . This Life A Journey I Will Ride By Myself , no one Left , Cuz People Flee Indecent
Not Care Bout Competing Want my message to Teach Each and Ever Adolescence stressing For A Blessing bet instead of an investment we buy Jordan's Shoes To Compensate For Ignorance and Call It Fresh But Swank To me is Different Accomplishing my Missions Spec Ops With The Precision Killing Hoping for a Vision that would open up My Senses , Sense community is missing sense but sense I am a Christian . I will stop this intermission Cuz the Mixtapes why ur missing yeah

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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