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It's Naan The Lyricist Killing Shit , Non forgiving Slit The Wrist of the Innocent Move like Kinetics Cuz the flows Infinite Got 1's back to Back Like Adam Zimmerman , Martin I'm Like A Martian When I'm carving in your Skin like Parkinson Car Alarms sparking when my squadron is retired I'm Retarded when it comes to going dumb on a target starving scarfing on a target Cuz we hot like arson you bitch

You ain't a genius till they call you crazy to bad it doesn't faze me why they hate me mainly because im insanely that nigga fuck you pay me in sicker new god shit im richer get the big picture enigma of a killer on the mic im iller when i right they study me reluctantly cuz they can't fuck with me suddenly all these hoes start loving me bitches look up to me you ain't shit if you ain't shitting on em' productivity funny how people change to rise to fame fake it till they make it in the game nothing feels the same still i keep me reign from niggas who is plain dont wanna make it b a chain then become a shit stain.. my brain to vast to not last from these raps that make you gasp when it grasp i ask how we kill all these fucking tracks

All i ever do is sit in my house... tell a bad bitch come sit in my mouth.. come home find me dicking your spouse , straight digging her out , straight shit in your mouth , sorry im an asswhole but you assholes just turned me too an asshole thought that i was nice but i guess that im an asshole my niggas tring to get up on that cash flow and im busy chasing women bust it open let me back stroke always giving compliments the only thing my compliments accomplish is eyes are so incompetent steady making promises my promise is a promise i will never break your promises all i want is love and respect these niggas opposites imma freestyle these niggas documents claim to be above me but these niggas my mind is like a puzzle half these bitches getting lost in it niggas can't make up they mind they like...

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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