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[Intro: Sadat X]
Yeah (Close your eyes and imagine)
It's a beautiful world, just imagine living (Close your eyes and imagine)
Doing things (Close your eyes and imagine)
Greatness (Close your eyes and imagine)

[Verse 1: Sadat X]
Imagine if my dudes in the Earth realize their worth
Imagine if they was taught love at birth (Word..)
Imagine if my father ain't die
And the thought of him here still moistens my eye ('Til this day)
My daughter lives so far away (Far)
Imagine if I was there providing structure through her day
Imagine the things I can say
But since I ain't there, she gon' do it her way
Seen my dude Mike last night, word is bond
He was dead by the morn
We grieved, buried him and moved on (Close your eyes and imagine)
Close your eyes and imagine my infant son little feet
His little heartbeat (Close your eyes and imagine)
What if I lost him in the street?
Seen him covered with a sheet? (Close your eyes and imagine)

[Pre-verse: Sadat X & Rhymefest]
Imagine succeeding (Close your eyes and imagine)
You want us to fantasize with no [?]
Greatness (Close your eyes and imagine)
Man, whatever. We live in the ghetto, X
Project-livers (Close your eyes and imagine)
Great thinkers, mathematicians
High school dropouts, B (Close your eyes and imagine)

[Verse 2: Sadat X]
Imagine succeeding
Doing everything you needing
[?], Dublin, bubbling
Due to fumbling, economic crumbling
War zone (Close your eyes and imagine)
I'm falling at home
We got a black man under the dome
But we still violate where the Indian's call home
They was there a thousand years ago (Close your eyes and imagine)
A stress-free life
Picket fence and a wife
Ain't got to carry that knife (You don't need it!) (Close your eyes and imagine)
Blowing good herb
And nobody hit the curb

[Bridge: Jabar]
Everything is everything, money to the ceiling
Bills paid ahead of time, oh, what a feeling
Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that? (Close your eyes and imagine)
You got the whole world in your hands, phones keep ringing
Deals coming by the pounds, you don't want to hear it
Can you imagine that?
Can you imagine that? (Close your eyes and imagine)
You started at the bottom, now you on top
Rock star status, top of the charts
Unbelievably gleaming, you thought you was dreaming
Thinking outside of the box (Close your eyes and imagine)

[Verse 3: Rhymefest]
Shhh...eyes wide shut, visualize freedom
Big banks, credit, car notes, you don't need them
Set free on the island with jet skis
Parasailing with cinnamon women that's so sexy (Heey..)
Every rapper make a million dollars, go platinum
Rick Ross and his baby mama, it never happened
Rihanna met Chris Brown and walked the other way (Damn..)
I'm just saying, I imagined that the other day (Woo..)
Free health care, everybody on welfare
You can wake up 3 o'clock like "Hell yeah.."
Shhhhh...can you imagine that?
Don't tell me what I want to hear, can you fathom that?
Leave the keys in your Cadillac (Vroom..)
I'll put some gas in it, man, 'fore I bring it back
I pick my son from his mother
Take my next girl from her lover
Fuck her without a rubber (Bahh..)
Big love, got three wives, I wanna love 'em
My mother had three girls, imagine I had a brother
My father was MIA, imagine I had another
But then I wouldn't be who I am, word to mother

(Close your eyes and imagine)
(Close your eyes and imagine)
(Close your eyes and imagine)

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