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Imma Gee

The Los Angeles Lakers

I’m a Gee
Imma muthafucking Gee
Imma natural born mothafucking Gee
Yeah, I’m a natural born Gee
Since the age of 3, mothafucka

[Verse 1]
Look I’m all for the gram
I’m everywhere nigga like bikes in Amsterdam
This the form of pure range off the page
Calypso nigga, live on stage
Yeah flaming, aiming and banging
Remaining aiming for paper relinquished back
From the flammers for principals
We live in war
Two of these shell shocking nickles in a four
I was raised to push lines constant
Make sure everybody knows what I represent
Gang bang, it’s nothing but a thang
Fire all filled with propane


[Verse 2]
Try to separate us
I’m the greatest, we murder these invaders
Alligator paper chasers
Aces, poetry, races, trade places
More money, houses the size of glaziers
I’m a Gee
Rider, nothing but a quoter
Hammer, cock and logger
White widow smoker , halogenic not a gimmick
All for the spanish relentless mega super soaker


[Verse 3]
You can run but you can’t hide
You can come, but you can’t ride
Caz you not a rider, a murder for hire
This is my game mothafucka I born for the fire
Malachi fluke this is what we on
Redemption henchman children of the corn
Real gangsta shit the new Donald Goines
Read my book nigga you know where I’m goin
Nigga my shit’s precious like unicorn
If I get knocked out niggas try to start growing
This is what I’m knowing D.O. double G P O-ing
You ain't the improvement we showing that


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