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What's good, GeeohhS?
Duh, duh, duh (Hahaha, I think)
Duh, duh, duh, what it do, Geeohh?
Duh, duh, duh (Yeah, yeah)
Duh, duh, duh (Uh)

I'm smokin' and rollin' and chokin'
My mind don't be open for none of that bullshit (Yeah)
While I run to the ocean, my feet in slow motion
Somebody come help me, I'm trippin' (Trippin')
Just give me one moment, I'm full of emotions
My cup filled with poison, I'm sippin' (Yeah)
I put trust myself and nobody else (Why?)
Especially these women, why?
They lie and they steal, and they cheat (That's right)
I don't why these niggas can't see (Why?)
I don't why these bitches can't leave (Why?)
I f*ck 'em and dub 'em, I pass, I leave (Yeah)
I'm a Mr. Won't-Let-A-Bitch-Breathe (Ah)
I'm immaculate, ho, I got steez (Steez)
And I'm passionate, bro, I got keys (Come here)
I be packin' shit down 'til my knees (Yeah)
Pray to God everyday, I'm like, "Please" (Please)
When I die, don't put me on no tees (No)
I might smoke a nigga for the free (Free)
I might rob a nigga for the cheese (Cheese)
In all black and I match with my bitch (Bitch)
And my diamonds in love with my wrist (Wrist)
If I miss then I'm switchin' this clip (Clip)
I might pull up and cause a lil' miss (Yeah)
This is my life and everyone lookin' at me like, "Who did it?" (Who did it?)
These bitches be timid and wicked
All in my business
All of my niggas be sleepin', they only wake up at night (Huh)
Don't you f*ck with me, you might go die tonight (Die tonight)
I'm posin' with choppers, I might go and drop 'em (Drama)
Just f*ck all that talkin' (Go, shut up)
You cuffin' these bitches, they giving me noggin (Noggin)
And I know I got options
I'm posted with Haitians and all of my Asians (Haha)

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Date Added: 2022-08-16
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