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In The Corner

I had so much to give you
You threw it all away
So I hole up in this corner
Act like I've nothing to say

Knowing as soon as you ask me
If there's something wrong
I might blow up any minute
You'll say, "I knew it all along"

Yeah, he's just another young cynic
We get them all the time
If he just knew how to channel
All that anger he'd be fine

So I sit with all these wishes
And dreams dying on the vine
Knowing I could make you happy
For a minute with a lie

Soon you'd see right through me
And like the rest I'd blow away
'Cause I wasn't what you wanted
And I don't make you feel okay

Say if he just had kept some edge
Man, it look so polished now
It's bad, I remember one time now
You should've heard the things he said

And it all seemed so reckless
And I felt just like a kid
Now he makes me nervous
I think I'll look somewhere else instead

So I sit here in this corner
So afraid to make a move
If I start to look embarrassed
It's because I know you knew

All the bravery, all the anger
Was just covering up the fear
That I'd end up in some corner
Now I sit here

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