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In The Flesh

Looking for something they call "home"Hoping to find some peace of mindSometimes we need to walk aloneShe is set on running awayThough her mom was yelling she must stayA wind beaten bird for reasons unheardSometimes it is best to run awaySo fly away, fly away, fly awayDon't be afraid, don't hesitate, fly awaySome wear their bruises on their skinOthers hide their scars deep withinShe has a wound close to her wombBlames herself for letting it inSo fly away, fly away, fly awayDon't be afraid, don't hesitate, fly awayBut She's afraid, she's afraid, she's afraidAnywaySee those eyes, see those eyes, see those eyesHate and lies, a fire that slowly diesBut She will fly, she will fly, she will flyBefore it diesSometimes the hands that feedMust feed a mind with a sick needAnd the hands that clutch can beThe same hands that touch too muchEyes that hungrily stareRead in an access that's not thereWhile eyes close to hide tearsOr look away in fearRun away!Passing the open storesHiding her dirty soresSeeking asylum among freaks and whoresWhat wouldn't she give to be in a societyNot learning the eyes to be closed but to seeNow she bites the words"Never"She kicks the ground"Never"Swallows her tears"Never will I go back"She hits the walls"Leave me!"Scratches herself"Leave me!"Begs to all Gods"Rip me from this sick flesh!""I will always be there""No!"She holds her ears"You know that I love you"Pretends that she doesn't hear"We're in this together""We share the same skin"Panic in his voice now"Free us from sin""Tell me that you love me"This is the end"I know that you do"Of her wayNever ever againFollow me down"God forgive this hunger""Please mommy see""Never tell a soul""Is it me?"A child will love its parentsWill follow them downShe swears to the pavement's heart of stoneThat these city lights will be her homeBut still as they burn she will returnBack to the adults. . . of her home.
Pain Of Salvation In The Flesh

Date Added: 2007-12-22
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