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[Hook-Juicy J]
Sour diesel, white widow, kush by the boat load (x4)
Inhale x13
Sour diesel, white widow, kush by the boat load
Let’s go

[Verse 1-Juicy J]
Yeah nigga, yeah nigga
I done re-upped
Got a fresh boat load of that loud stuff
Took a million puffs, got me high as fuck
Man I’m paranoid, I've got my 40 tucked
Smokin’ and tokin’ the kushy
Lookin’ for pussy that’s gushy
Hittin’ the Swishers with bitches
Livin’ and enjoyin’ my riches
Niggas can’t get with this pimpin’
Straight born and raised out of Memphis
Blunt to my mouth like a dentist
Role one again when I’m finished
Smokin’ on that medical
High up on a pedestal
Blowin’ on that green Hulk
Feelin’ so incredible
Smokin’ get me high
But I get higher off them edibles
Still ridin’ dirty
But I’m dodgin’ all the federals


[Verse 2-MGK]
Yeah bitch, yeah bitch
Call me Steve-O
I’m a wild boy
Fuck an eighth, I need O
28 grams of the loudest pack
Matter of fact make it a pound of that
Get a couple of keys with sour diesel and lemon g
That’s sour patch
I ain’t in a gang, but my OG’s kush
Blow that loud cause it makes me shush
23 J’s and a Red Bull
Call me Michael Jordan
It’s that swoosh
It’s that swoosh
It’s that swoosh
Yo shit ass
That’s that tush
This, right here, is my, bag
Of purple marijuana, gonna burn that bush
Everyday Christmas eve with me
Everybody celebrates lightin’ up the trees
Tell Santa Clause, I’ve got special cookies for him
When he comes down my chimney
I’ve got munchies here, munchies there
Left over Chinese in my Frigidaire
I’m the Iron Chef of this munchie shit
Smoke every day, fuck the air


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