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Inside Pt. 2

I don't want nobody more than you
Just want your body on this morning dew
I got these covers laying right for us
Ain't nobody looking, it's just mother nature watching while I'm...

[Verse 1]
My baby dear, this feeling here
Can't be described, but I'mma try
Nails in my back, grabbing your ass
Grinding slow hearts beating fast

Sweat dripping off your body onto mine
Ain't nothing better than when I'm inside
She got her legs on my shoulders
Looking in my eyes
Not the bed or the sofa
Getting it in outside
Knew that you were scared
You ain't even want to try
But girl it's no surprise
Feels so good I'm bout to cry
While I'm inside

Deep inside your love (Deep deep)
Deep inside your love (Deep deep)
Deep inside your love (Deep deep deep deep)
Deep inside your love (Deep deep)
Deep deep deep up in deep inside
Deep inside your love
Deep inside your love

[Verse 2]
Your legs start to shiver girl
You talking with your eyes
I hear you girl (I hear you baby)
I listen when you tell me
Ain't no words necessary girl
Girl we doing what we doing very well


Inside, inside--

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