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Intro (Covered)

Wassup y'all?
Okay so this is the record
It's gonna be live
So you can act like you're at a club and if you like stuff you can go "oooooh"
If you don't like stuff you can go "oooooh"
And so basically the premise of this record we're doing; uh most of it is, you know, coming from my Black Radio records
I don't know how many of you have my Black Radio album
Thank you guys so much
So winning R&B album of the year grammy and stuff
Thank you so much!
You guys are amazing
Umm so coming after that I felt like doing a trip record now
But I wanted to do... I didn't want to, you know, go straight jazz, you know, off the top, Boom out of nowhere!
So I wanted to do a nice happy medium and do songs that I like basically from my iPod, you know
So these are different songs from different genres, different artists, um songs that I just like to listen to
So we're going to play some of those mixed in with some stuff that I, you know, trio stuff that we've played back in the day but we never recorded
Um these guys playing with me are on my original trio albums when I first got signed to Blue Note I did two records; uh "Straight up trio"; "Canvas" and "In My Element"
These are my original guys
And it's Vicente Archer on the bass
Um on the drums it's Mr. Damion Reid

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