Coolgate and Boolgate - Intro (NASA Diss Track) Lyrics

Intro (NASA Diss Track)

(Yuh Yuh?)
What's up all you weak ass Reebok boolin' clows
(Guess what, we finna get that spaghetti-o sponsorship)
Yo, someone dial up chef boyardee
(More like chef boneless yeet, is that true?)
Yo, that's a factual information
(Anyhows y'all, we just here boolin', I'm Boolgate)
Yuh, and I'm Coolgate
(Let's go!)

[Verse 1 - Coolgate]
Booling' down the street in my new Ferarri
I got Gucci on my feet, and I'm browsing safari
My gaming console slow, so we callin' it Atari
Rake in so much dough, I slurp calamari

Rollin' past the Rolex shed, munchin' on some garlic bread
Flexin' on these haters cause they trynna start some bloodshed
I just copped the new drop of Supreme apperal
Boolin' like I'm white and my name is Derryl, yuh

[Verse 2 - Boolgate]
I was at the thrift shop the other day
I found this old Yeezy, it was hand crocheted
So I bought it for my homie so he'd finally get laid
Cause that man is in need of some serious aid

So I roll up to my homie's den, and guess what's inside?
A slew of trashy rappers he was trying to hide (yuh)
I asked them for their soundcloud, they was terrified
Cause they know their beats are weak and oversimplified. (yuh)

Y'all better yank your hamstrings in solidarity for them fake ass bologna rappers
(yuh, trynna grind to the top)
Rat gang, 2Chairzz, they ain't got no clout
(None! they just fake globehead lookin' asses)
Flat Earth! Y'all'ready know the Earth is flat
(That is a whole fact!)

[Verse 3/Outro - Coolgate]
NASA, more like eat my ass-a
You can't see the curve even with the glasses
They be preachin' lies in my classes (yuh)
No one will ever surpass us. (that's a fact)
The Earth is flat just like Jake is fat
That's a fact, moon truthers got my back
Y'all dense, like New England clam chowder
Finna grind y'all up and snort you like powder

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