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I done this for the ones on the come up, the ones on the grind
OGs racing against time
Single mum playing daddy as well, still got a yard, and yes, your car's got muscles
I can't help but respect that hustle
Big darg, man are still jacking them Russells
I done this for the go getter, that knows better
Make sure that your vision is tunnel
I done this for the MCs at home, writing bars, trying to perfect that flow
I'm a music man, I live this
Snare, kick, bass and a hat, that's my backbone
I done this for the team that I roll with
My dogs, my niggas that I get dough with
Notice, them man are still on some old shit
Man better move with the times, dropped Back 2 Da Lab, that was overly live
One bag of flows and so many rhymes
Then I dropped Peng Food, brought Chipmunk and Double S through
[?], fall back [?]
[?] let S through
F you if you pray for my downfall
Fall out of the game, that's doubtful
Fresh kicks and one-off Versaces
[?] bred me and my dargies
I lost so many friends on my way here
R.I.P. Smegs and Mark D
Can't believe what I see on the news now, they only wanna give half of the truth out
[?] officer beat up an informer with a loose mouth
Move out of the way when I'm flexing
I come through like "what is it on?"
Still mashing up raves from here to Weston Super Mare
Next ting, best ting, pattern up or get checked in
I'm not a chat shit guy or a gas man
High-grade and a bevvy, I'm [?] man
Hate the feds from early, wasteman used to get bullied in school, now you wanna shift man for a Percy
I'm like "really", hating a man's whip
True say, when you park up your fed car, you're jumping back into your dusty
Trust me, I know about you feds
Careful fam, it could be you next
Spent too many nights on the blue mat
Police harassment I've been through that
True that, move that when I come through
Violate get checked nigga, one-two
Couple tried, couple failed, couple fell back
Tangerine Dream, can you smell that?
I've got so many thoughts in my cranium
I might piss people off when I say them
Girls from the past tryn'a holla back
On the road to riches, come follow that
I done this for the supporters and fans that's been repping me from early
I didn't know I had fans in Guernsey
You know my ting, certi

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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