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Grind Time Rap Game, fucker
Bang, bang, bang
What's happening, all our supporters out there?
And if you familiar with the Grind, you know we don't have fans
We only have supporters
And I say we have supporters because it takes a lot
To dig in your pocket or dig in your purse
And break bread with fifteen or twenty dollars to buy a record
I believe when you buy a record you should leave that record with something more than a bullshit experience
A lot of suckers out here trying to sell you music
Sell you a story that they want you to believe is true
And at the end of the story, nothing happens
But the same old shit that was happening before
This is not your regular rap album (this is not that)
This is meant to be a soundtrack to your success, Brother (to your success)
A soundtrack to your success, Sister (to your success)
This is right now, real time music
What the fuck is happening?
What ain't happening is the bullshit lies you been going through
What ain't happening is the bad examples you been following
You see the Grind believes you because we know you believe in us
That's why we don't bullshit you, nu-uh
I wanna see whoever is buying this record win right now and do great things
But the only way you gonna do that is if you get up off your ass
And you get up out the act of doing something
Grind Time Rap Game, fucker
Bang, bang, bang
You can never lead if you only follow
And what I mean is if you sit around and look at people
And you wait for them to give you permission to do something great
You will never do anything
So get up brothers, get up out your grind
If you have a boss, maybe you should fire your boss (Maybe you should)
Maybe you should change your life (That's maybe)
Your work ethic will determine your worth
Meaning whatever you get is determined by how hard you work to get it
Do you understand what I'm telling you right now?
What I'm saying is there's nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving whatever it is you want to achieve (I'm gonna achieve)
And I want you to let 'I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind Part II' be the soundtrack to your success
Until we meet again on that path of getting to the money
It's Grind Time Rap Game
Bang, bang, bang
Come on, let's go

And we grind and we grind and we grind and we grind
It's the grind homie
It's the grind homie
It's the grind homie
It's the grind homie
And we grind and we grind and we grind and we grind

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