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Is It Love

Is it love, or just a curse?
Do you feel good when I hurt?
I need your heart to open up
If this love is not real, then it is just my luck

[Verse 1]
Mommy help me, I need your help
This little boy, he took my love
And he says these things that make my body pump up
But then he runs leaving me un-done
And I do not understand
For sex he said he would be my man


[Verse 2]
Daddy listen, I gave it up
I am not your little girl
My cherry and all the trust is missing
But please listen, what do I do
I know you want to hurt him
But I like what he do, he is only doing what you used to


[Verse 3]
You never told me about the birds and the bees
Or about hide and go seek or what he gets when he finds me
The biggest mistakes in the choices I make
Would not you help me decide, what is going down in my mind

[Chorus] [x2]

[Verse 4]
That thing you are putting on me
Has got me so confused
Would not somebody help me, tell me what should I do
In my heart it feels so good, is it just a curse
Will it get better, or will it get worse


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