Sisqo - Is Love Enough (remix) Lyrics

Is Love Enough (remix)

Yeahhhh, oooh ohhh, oh oh

Verse 1 *Sisqo*:
Girl I see ya crying
And I know it's 'cause of me
You say you caught me cheatin'
And lyin' constantly but
I know you don't believe me
Baby when I say
I will always love you
Say that you love me

Hook #1:
Is love enough
To make you stay with me
Is love enough
To make you stop fighting
Is love enough
To make you understand
Is love enough
Love, love,

Verse 2 *LuvHer*:
Yo, I caught ya cheatin
Heard that you were catchin thrills
I heard you're spendin' money
Heard that you been payin bills but
Boy I won't be petty
You will never hear me say her name
Could have kept it from me
Boy you ought to be ashamed

Hook #2:
Is love enough
You disrespected me
Is love enough
To make me stop fighting
Is love enough
How will I understand
I love enough (is it)
Love (is it) love (Sisqo)

(Baby I'm sorry)
Is it enough, is it enough my baby
Want you to know that you're driving me crazy

*freestyle between Sisqo and LuvHer*

Repeat Hook #1

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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