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Is You Holding(Freestyle)

9 millimeter on my hip sho' ya right
Pussy nigga run up send his ass on a flight
My aim so precise I don't even need a beam
I can fuck ya all night I don't even need a bean
Im not off of lean I said no to them drugs
Know yo momma told yo ass to say no to them thugs
Well shawty I'm gangsta T-Money tell ya that
Always with the business you can even ask Scrapp
I keep at least a stack in my pocket for the fuck of it
I had her last night I don't want get another bitch
I be on that other shit
That Run-up make ya stutter shit kickin' down yo door
Gun ho while you cuddlin'
You niggas ain't hustlin' you never seen a pack
And you like to wear guns you ain't never pop a gat
I know that for a Fact you on safety right now
I keep one in the chamber of my black 4 pow!!
I done felt the burn but I still ain't gonna learn
Leave a nigga underground you can call me Mr.Worm
Oh yes my dick firm,long and hard
She gonna suck my dick like it's her muthafucking job!
It's the motherfucking mob G-A-N to the G
If that bitch ain't fuckin' Streetz then she ain't fucking me
Fucking me is a Privilege and you want be let down....
From the sound of my voice yo bitch wet right now!!!!

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