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Another statistic
Another black man locked up in prison
Another mother gotta make another visit
Another statistic
Another black man slain by the hammer
Niggas dying its the same in Atlanta
Another statistic
Another nigga dropping out of high school
Trying to fit in he call his self cool
Another statistic
Another little girl getting knocked up
Know the daddy, but he don't give a fuck

[Verse 1]
Another nigga in the trap slanging the rock
You see his daddy was a dealer so he just like pops
And just like pops he say "Fuck the cops"
The apple ain't far from the tree on the block
The cycle repeats, so what that means
Is that our daughters and niece will have a nigga like me
And a nigga like me ain't what I want for my seed
A nigga slanging dope ain't quite what she needs
Cause eventually
The ballin' stops
And ya legs give out from due to running from cops
Feds rush the spot and freeze your account
Then your baby gets raised in another broken house


[Verse 2]
Another nigga slain by another black man
Black on black crime just something I can't stand
I done lost too many friends to the streets and the jail
Hope the sky got a heaven cause we living in hell
Say the reverend help you get through the problems and pain
But he man just like me, so our problems the same
Rain don't just fall on one man's rooftop
Shit the weather getting heavy, roof starting to leak now
We our worst enemy I'm starting to see now
Starting to think now
I'm so for the peace now
Cause I don't see how
Niggas pull guns guns on each other
When our skin the same color
We supposed to be brothers


[Verse 3]
All our black women ain't bitches and hoes
See they possess something even more precious than gold
At thirteen years old look like she was grown
At our her grandmama house late night on the phone
And the nigga on the other end double her age
But her granny ignoring it like she going through a phase
They hang out everyday
He give her attention
Her daddy ain't home that attention she missin'
They hugging and kissin'
Kissin' and touchin'
Clothes come off, that leads to fuckin'
Po' little baby with no direction
'Bout to have her own baby should've used protections

Another statistic

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