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It`s All On U

[Intro: Icewear Vezzo]
Antt did the track
(Beat Gang)

[Verse 1: Icewear Vezzo]
Yeah, never let them p*ssy niggas play me
Put that on my baby, Forgis on a Maybach truck, it cost two-eighty
Richer than them niggas that be hatin'
Shooters like McGrady in Kentucky, with that fetti goin' crazy, huh
Stick tucked, I let my chain hang
Rich and gang bang
Leave a fifty in this bitch to rain in, huh
Bustin' shit, don't wear no Plain Jane
Hundred-thousand dollar Rollie, Scottdale, an AP on the same hand
You with the opps, that mean you ain't my mans
You movin' like the cops, can't take a chance, thirty-thousand in my pants
Yeah, dog shit in my pockets, where your bands?
Hit the show with thirty hitters
I'm with Cudi, he'll blick before he land
Cash it all the time, don't wait for shit
Twenty chains, crazy kid
Rich nigga, I can't f*ck no basic bitch
You never been no boss, you drankin' tris
You never been no shooter, you's a bitch
Quay Quay with me, he got stick, huh
Pour the Wocky up and drop a six
Icy than a bitch, put my city on the map, we in the mix
I been slimin' shit out since a jit
Cuban cost two bricks
We got all them thirsty hoes takin' pics
You wanna sign me? Yellin' out three mill'
Tweakin' in this bitch, just popped a pill
Gang 'nem yellin' out, "Free Kill"
Yeah, f*ck a record label, we too real
f*ck award shows, we in the field
Shoot that chopper like I'm skilled, nigga

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Date Added: 2022-08-17
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