Indigo Girls - Just Passing Time Lyrics

Just Passing Time

She was grasping for a way to tell us allThe hurt she felt insideWe're all too happy she says"let's have a war"And the night digs deeper inThey're just some words to pass the timeSome words to pass the timeNow when the silence gets to be too muchI can feel the soul searchingWhere do I go when I've lost my causeWe are the storiesEven the good ones let me downThere all just words to pass the timeI used to be so sincereAnd maybe I still amAnd all this small talk I've been reeling offIs slowly getting out of handI mix real feelingsWith the ones I wish I had[Just Passing Time lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]And I catch the most important onesIn between them allSometimes it seems like they're all just wordsTo pass the timeAnd then we've lost our timeAnd we've wasted out wordsAnd all the strain is goneSometimes it's too unreal to believeJust don't give it all awayGet a gripCauses sometimes there are just words to pass the timeI said I'm too high I'm too highAnd I'm scared of falling downI've just been grasping for wordsTo make you want to stayTo make it worthwhileI don't want spend the rest of my lifeJust passing timeI don't want to spend the rest of my life hereJust passing time

Date Added: 2008-03-24
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