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Keeep Fucking With Me

[Hook: Kevin Gates]
Be-be-be cool, y'all must wanna see me incarcerated
Stepping on my shoes, really wanna see me incarcerated
Take shit from who, make the news, get incarcerated
Bitch nigga like you, act a fool, I get incarcerated
Keep fucking with me, show you what I’m gon do
Keep fucking with me, what you wanna do?
Keep fucking with me, show you what I’m gon do
Bitch nigga like you act a fool, I get incarcerated

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Fell out (ugh), Feel like I’m the life of the party (ugh)
Can’t say this enough, I go dumb, retarded(ugh)
My lungs, they coughing, loaded in this bitch
Take off my shades, look at my eyes, they probably rolling in this bitch (WHO DAT?!)
Breadwinner Gang!
Look I’m taking off, You got something on your mind but believe I could take it off
In the body shop wit meka talking threesomes, knock it off
Ha cousin Tisha house in monicino
Dick I drop it off


[Verse 2: Plies]
Yea boy, from being real yall fuck niggas wanna get nominated
Just bought me a new AR that last one I had that bitch got confiscated
Last nigga got pistol whooped, nigga foe him got home invaded
Think I’m pussy try me pussy let’s see who wind up in the news paper
Yeen silly nigga
You know wat I’m gone do
Pull up on ya ass, jump out in that Martin suit
Feel I got it, feel I owe you, then guess what then take it nigga
Foned on ya ass first shot then I’m faking nigga


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