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Keep Movin

Chorus:I gotta keep movin, up and down this lifeI gotta keep movin, leave the past behindAnd do all it should be done, to live my life and have some funLife is how you make it, so take itRap1:Now I see ya still movin, while Im groovin,Once again Im back in the house, Im improovin,To let you know, let you real somethin goodBut not this, see you wish you couldGotta lay the past behind, whats on my mind,Its the rime shinin, clinin, Im pporing on a way to the topWith CBK-style with the club hiphopI bring it back, put it down the lineI stop and come on the top of the dineDid you think I was gone all for real?But youre going full, with the rap appeal,Now here it comes stronger much harderWhere black and go, much startedI cant stop, nigga come Pop! Drop!Gotta keep movin!Chorus x 2I gotta keep movin, up and down this lifeRap2:I gotta keep movin, while you snoozinIts the club style mix, Im here to proove itNow recognize the M to the M P,The P is for POP, and I dont stopAnd I cant be stopped now immitade itSo watch out, yeah, ya still hacnedIts the digness with the mysteryNow watch out and go, see I peep thisI still standing on the eastcoast levelIm still diggin deep, and Im remaining the shevelNow I keep going try to face thatStill ponding powerful commercial track, jackGotta bring it to you nice and slowOn the carpet C, it is my time to glowI stay away to long, its beeting my chest like King KongChorus x 2I gotta keep, I gotta keep, I gotta keep on movinI gotta keep, I gotta keep, I gotta keep on movinBridge:Its 1999 yall, and we still represent C-BLOCKWe just tryin to let you know, Life is what you make itSo leave the past behind, cause thats the way its done,So keep movin!Chorus x 2I gotta keep movin, up and down this life

Date Added: 2008-03-21
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