Bugus - Knock On Wood Lyrics

Knock On Wood

I pray I stay this good knock on wood
I pray I stay this good knock on wood
I pray I stay this good knock on wood
I be in my zone I'll be good

This is what happens when you make a promise to yourself
Last couple years I been jus rhymin to myself
This my plan
Art of the game
Blowin up like mothafucka caught a grenade

Had to fall back a little
People thought I was finished
You were up now ya comin down
That just physics
My name my brand my show my song
I own everythin nigga thats just business

Now I'm comin at ya neck like a noose
Henny to the neck drinkin shit like it's juice
Women wanna romance swimmin in the agua
Now they know my name from here to Missisauga

Just kno dealin wit mr. international
You don't really wanna see him get irrational

I was a freshman college then dropped out
I was tryna be a freshman up at xxl
I believed in myself started my own label
I don't really need a deal all I need is a table
I'm able to do all this shit solo
When the people talk about me
Call it good promo

I wake up at 1 I don't sleep til 6 in the morning
I been up cookin these hits
7 long yrs laters I can say that I'm on
I was home havin visions like I'm Raven Symone
Now its on
They fucked around n let me get on
Got the hennesy jus to keep melody strong

We ain't got alot we usin what God gave us
Who you are to judge how the fuck God made us
We da bomb niggas went and ran n got radars
When I drop niggas thought it was Al-Qaeda
All these wins hurt hataz Ima aggrevater
Pushin buttons like ya talkin to a operater
RIAA went n got the data
What They Want went gold on a fuckin hater

Doin show everyday thats the program
I'm runnin thru these zips I'm the post man
An old man said the devil wanna slow dance
I stay movin so fast give him no chance
On the grind man the biggest fight is idle time
I stay workin cuz the devil loves an idle mind

And God knows I wish evil on no man
We had late night talks wit no Conan

Yeah no sittin at my table
Less you bring something to it
Everybody eye to eye
Everything congruent
Everybody talkin eveybody bosses
When I hear the radio I jus get nautious
Now these A&Rs wonder in a new office
How I drop after drop like loose faucets
I'm jus into puttin people way over pockets
And my focus is not tryna turn a profit
I'm a prophet

I see shit before it happens
I see it right now
Bugus went platinum
All is his fans been so fantastic
With each drop everythings been classic
He came out with the best rap album
All his shows all his fans camp out em
He came out n the whole game changed
They went n put Bugus in the Hall of Fame
Someday y'all gon get wit tha program
Prayin every night yeah I raise both hands

I pray I stay this good knock on wood
I pray I stay this good knock on wood
I pray I stay this good knock on wood
I be in my zone I'll be good

Date Added: 2017-09-13
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