Bugus - Made In China Lyrics

Made In China

Bring the war I got Napalm
Ever say my name
I'll be there like State Farm
People use to down yea these people use clown my hairline like LeBron
Said fuck it got my shit locked up like Akon
Abracadabra good luck pullin this one off
African fabrics I'm cut from a different cloth
Cut got me feelin like nylon
So I start fuckin up bands like Dylon
Try on and try on from my lawn to Zion
All day I'm aimin at the motherfuckin pylon
All day I'm workin wit no mothafuckin tie on
Watch what you say don't be ticking off a time bomb
I done traveled the world I'm just sayin the facts
This shit was made in China like the shirt on your back
I'm for the world
I'm for the people
Yup I kno my purpose
Passport got more stamps than the postal service
Women overseas every time I
Get a broad
I had a visa way before I had a debit card
Now my life is a show
But no they won't televise it
The show is called the Cockpit
This is only the pilot
Cuz I'm just getting started
But best believe I'm in charge
C notes keep singing
Call em Chico Debarge
These phone keep ringing
Tryna keep up with stars for they economy
But these A&Rs no nothing bout Astronomy
N these other artists no nothin bout autonomy
So it dawned on me
DIEMON is an anomolie
We ought to be sittin at the top
I keep climbin
Pharrell was in search of what I keep findin
Play me over n over they gotta rewind it
Run it back then run it back
They gotta 3 time it
I just keep rhymin
The lord keep blessing me..

In the last few days I touched 5 different continents
Seen all these governments
Still don't fuck with politics
Politicians ain't shit
Always lyin thru they teeth
Half these rappers ain't shit
Always lying thru the beats
I like cream
Ya I like my shit crispy
I do magic I turn whack albums into frisbees
N I spit dirty all the time
Woulda thought I was dippin
Droppin so many singles
Woulda that I was strippin
Russ ballin like Mike
You woulda thought I was Pippen
Nah fuck that I just kno how to play my position
But I'm more like Jerry Reinsdorf
I own the team but I play when there's time for it
Cuz lately my time been split like Croatia
Bugus tryna pull a hat trick like UEFA
Goal 1 stay alive
Goal 2 graduate
Goal 3 drop my debut then re-evaluate
Cook my shit slow
Have an appetiser while you wait
I don't fuck with advertisers
Advertisers aggravate
Grab a plate sit down
DIEMON gotta buffet
We even open on Sunday
Start to feel homeless
Sleeping on runways
Round trip booked
I'm going back to God one day
Somedays I'm Farrakhan
Somedays I'm Gucci Mane
Some days I'm Steve Carrell
Somedays I'm Pooty Tang
Somedays I wake up yup I gotta new vision
Doin this for self
I don't give a fuck who listen
Fell from the top
These niggas don't like to work
Stuck on the ground
These nigga need life alert
Came to put it down make sure I'm the dopest
Live on camera gotta be focused
Been away from the studio now for way too long
Haven't smoked in a month
This weed is way too strong
After smokin a jay
I just blaze the beat
I'm never payin for chains
Cuz thats slavery
And I still thank God for what he gave to me and I know I'm his son Thats why I make the heat
On my feet it's no Guccis
Only rapper chillin backstage with no groupies
Kno that its a fact
That that pussy is a trap
It'll get yo ass killed
Now you groupie hoes kno exactly how I feel
It's been 5 years and you still around losers
Fuck that bullshit on my Carlos Boozer
Took my talent out west to Los Angeles
I love all y'all less cuz y'all scandalous
God flow like yall fuckin with Evangelists
I break the beat all yall pay for damages
Destiny only God coulve planned this shit
I am the shit
Kill it then abandon shit

Date Added: 2017-09-13
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