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Label Me A Legend

soulja boy verse 1- cookin soul bitch two brick houses on my wrist 4 lamborghini on my house im riding in some shit i cant pronounce my last name is tell em but im not a snitch my first name is soulja bout im not in the army ( yeaaaaa)and all the hoes around the world swarm me cookin souls is the fucking army im on the beat imma tell you what gucci told me soulja turn up to the max and shit on the rap game(farting)so thats exactly what im doin(bitch) im ruining these niggas life(bitch) pull up in my lamborghini im taking these niggas wifes(damn) real talk bitch soulja boy im earning my strips pull up in that thang its the same color day and nightlookin like cudi just like a movie same color frisbee flyr than a frisbee bitch im in the air so fucking high i dont care were do you talk about soulja boy everywhere every city every state i been in it and im on the stage im rocking and them hoes is on my dick im feeling cocky feeling just like rocky knock a nigga head off ak47 shoot that bitch till it dose off


VERSE 2 -im the hottest nigga spiting(realtalk) im the hottest nigga walking(realtalk) when i die i wanna put 12 kush blunts in my coffin real talk bitch im the rawest nigga living wanna test my game fuck around an you'll be missing nigga wishing they could be like me recipe im cooking the game like cooking souls up on this beat all my fucking please rest in peace dont say shit to me you cant walk in my shoes for 1 day no hell naw its gon be monday sunday like he praying to god see that im robbing these niggas real talk bitch it soulja boy tell em im on top and im (?) nigga real talk dont jock my style all my niggas is runnin wild on the loose cant tell what to do cant tell whats goin down in my damn neighbor niggas on the loose niggas wanna tell it niggas wanna see me nigga wanna sale it soulja boy all on deck 4 for the 4 when i crack his neck see me on deck with the muthafucking tools im sayin who the fuck are you nigga what it do 4 on 4 get yo crew get my crew(shoot it out shoot it out)


(let me tell you how i feel 100 meal befo the deal that s how it is thats how i live day in day out 24/7 365 all my hustlens gotta stay alive my nigga we out heere on the stroll bitch cookin soul)

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