Stunkid - Lacuna Lyrics


Hey senator
Why u want a creditor
I forgot my name ,wats the name am a predator
Shid they call u,war leader
Am a god am on top I got no competitor
Wanna try kill urself samuel stunkid sinister
Prove yourself join the team, T.S.C wc editor
Nigga cul who are you , ago rise ur temperature
Roma 4 chelsea 4 ne nyinaa nso gyina rudiger
Eric ne homonies make sure that your camera
Get the good side of me, take it to the publisher
Talking to the publisher
Started poor,more and more ,now you hear me on radio
You hate then talking then , now u check ma audio
Shawty smooth, i am doomed she go spoil ma video
Everyday,what i do hop in to the studio

I can see the stereo ,niggas call me mystereo
T.S.C dey back the wan want me make i carry go
And the love you showed me no
I won't leave you when i blow
Ago swim with you
Be with you even when it snow
Everything i start them go shout chingy romeo flow
I will remember what you have done even when i grow

Refrain}{Stunkid n Jerry B
Even when i grow
If there still a space i will fill you all in

Even when i grow
Am not that type of guy that forget easily

Chorus {Stunkid n Jerry B.}3x
Lacuna ,lacuna
I always remember
I will love u forever
Mese watc makoma

Verse2{Jerry B.}
Got myself a space and nobody x worth filling it
Bought myself a new benz but am really bored innit
I remember days when you and i dey ball in shid
Now x all gone ,cause you are gone and its killing me
That was then ,my baby just forget it
Apart from me ,you will never find obiaa ctes3me
Can't define it
Treated you like a joke ,and you left me like its funny
Bring back the days that were sunny
Cause all my life its been rainy

Obi nkcwh3 s3 cdc ho akyere no aaa
Ella boakye meserewo s3 wonim noa
Ote tanoso ne maame fr3 no kyerewaa
Bc me dinn ma no, s3 ckae mpo a
Remember when you use to call me your highness
You call me baby like am in a diapers
What ever happened make we put am all behind us
Gimme another chance see what go happen afters

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