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Laz Vegaz

[Verse 1]

Short sermons
Get my father the bourbon
Then I smoke to get the slurrin
Fuck I hate it here I hate the suburban
My father gonna need an organ surgeon
We living lies while we are considered vermin
Lose my agony when I smoke the Sherman
Soul and vision are blurrin
Talking to this bitch she ain't ready for this pee wee Herman
My mother never let me properly determine my own life
I've wanted everyone off my back get the detergent
Money and love were my suicidal deterrent
Money can't buy me love fuck your impairment
Riding through the street
Heat following the heat
My brother don't ever speak
Pray my soul for Luce to take
I promise on my momma I'll never flake
Or drag me away with a rake
I bet my momma thought I was a mistake

Bet my momma thought I was a mistake
I promise on my momma I'll never flake
Or drag me away with a rake
Bet my my momma thought I was mistake [3x]

[Verse 2]

Money can't buy me happiness?
I load up the shotty vest
Slave to the gold chain
Victims of being vain
Victims of coca Caine
Killing each other but we beat the pain
Blood washed away like a potty stain
Feel the bird shot rain against your skin
Feel every nerve receptor in your chin
Losin money cause I got a hole in my thin pockets
Do what I love to me that's a constant win
Trump wants our people to be trapped like Berlin
While we're on the inside trapping tryna get them in
We the brown skins
Building pyramids before spanish committed immortal sins
These were mortalized through the religious prophecies

I can't wait to die
And become immortalized
I can't wait to die
Keep saying my goodbyes
Revolver in my mouth

Now I have these pale boys working the depths
Burning in the underworld as they become frail
Punishment to me will never grow stale
I'm quite the different breed of male
These niggas minds moving slow like a snail
Mail out of the county jail
Keep a bitch thinking bout a veil
I'm the apothecary giving your fix in Braille
This high will never have you fail
Victimized by these silent eyes
As I reincarnate I say my goodbyes

I say my good byes
Good bye
As I die

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