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Leaving Wonderland

The broke don’t bend
I’ve been here before I just don’t know when
Glamour is a construct of the photo’s lens
But you’re only left with a product when the promo ends
The basement is our ceiling, I’m feeling down on the upside
Come alive when the sun sets, sleeping when the sun rise
To me, there’s no one to believe ‘cause even trust lies
Love dies but all my negative concepts are plus sides
Compliments come in like a wrecking ball
Friends are closer than family but best of all, they never call
We in Babel, and that tower has yet to fall
All the bridges are soaked in ethanol, when they enter walls
Oh no, you don’t wanna go there
This place is filled with clones so home feels like a cold stare
Heavens gate is locked up and there’s rust on the gold stairs
Doesn’t matter where we go, every road leads to nowhere

Take me home (x5)

Another day, another scam
Everybody war painted, this sure ain’t a wonderland
Incestuous nemesis, everybody tryna fuck ya fam
The high-fives are underhand, can’t trust your brother man
Your sight needs to be adjusted, that’s just life
Guided by the darkness, blinded by the sunlight
What’s left is upside-down, I don’t know what’s right
These herbs no longer sidewind, now they’re walkin’ upright
And they get down when it’s set up
Every hug is a backstab, every handshake a death touch
This is definitely a head fuck
‘Cause we gettin’ murdered by the ones who were supposed to serve and protect us
And the truth is never plain to see
Outrageous fee to purchase the freedom that God gave to me
I am breakin’ free from these chains that are enslaving me
To this land of make believe and I can’t wait to leave

Take me home (x5)

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