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Pull up knocking my own shit
Cup of drank, and a Reeses Pieces
I don’t fuck with leases
If I’m behind the wheel I own it
Bad bitch and she gotta be sitting on grown men
Tell me what the fuck you want from me
If you ain’t talking about no money get the fuck off my phone then
Jacker run up on me, I’m a blow your dome in
Even though I got a C on my back, and my car got a B on it's back
But we still get along then
I always look like “please leave me the fuck alone then…”
Niggas excited wanna get a picture, but really be trying to getcha
Fucking with me, I bet they gon dead before the song end
I started this singing and rapping shit way back in 96’
Just me and Bone Thugs and Harmony and Klondike Kat who else that’s it
19 years later still running on this Rap A Lot lawn Rappers
Yes I’m running that
So many haters on my way every day
Every time I get an opportunity they jump in front of that
Sold my Bentley I had to get another one
If I don’t do no shows I’m gonna suffer some
These men just always be trippin
I’m a do it myself
Fuck trying to find another one
I see smiling faces, but behind smiling faces
They be so evil
So if you see me in public don’t run up on me homie
Fuck you and fuck your people


Legendary is my middle name
The realest ever is my boulevard
I can do nothing with no pocket change
I fear no man I only fear my Lord
This one for my real G’s throwing up your hood
This one for my real G’s diamonds up against the wood
This one for my real G’s coming down looking good
And this one for my real G’s


I’m way too real for them and that’s why they can’t feel me
I was ready to give up the rap game
And pick up a kilo of cocaine
I don’t think y’all really hear me
If you a weak ass nigga don’t bring none of that damn near me
I’m the muthafucking man around here
You don’t need no glances
You don’t even need a shot of Visine to see it clearly
I know you don’t wanna see me living swell
Lay down a muthafucker coz I’m having a ball
You wanna see me in a living hell
This lil nigga named Sam think he live like me
Put his bitch ass in a hospital
He won’t survive like me
They say they love God, they really love Satan
Yes they sold they soul, guess they got tired of waiting
Just coz you ain't’ signed right now
That don’t mean you ain’t never gonna sign
All you had to do is keep on praying
Pants so tight boy you need to be ashamed
Legs looking like a man with the legs of a Great Dane
No sweat suit model ass nigga you a lame
You’s a bitch, in my book I’m a call you Jane
Hard as a muthafucker on your album cover huh
Catch yo ass in real life and you ain't’ fucking with a brother huh
That’s why I bought yo ass a Chevrolet
While I be on corners in that Bently Coupe like every day
Ro tha Vandross


They put a hit on me
But I don’t really give a shit homie
I got more than just that 45th on me
And I’m knocking all y’all haters down like dominos


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