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Let Me Know

It’s your boy, big Snoop D-O-double G,got a couple a my homeboys wit me right now
And we wanna holla at the ladies, not you fool
Oh, that’s your girl, well let me know
Or maybe not, or let her know
What else (what else, what else, yea, what else)

[Verse 1]
What else could I say, what else could I do, if she keep looking my way
Smoking on the bombs, I don’t drink the Henl like I used to
Plus I’m more calm, aged she grown to center stage, front page
It’s been written all over your body and all over your face
You for me,it’s me for you, it’s true
What u tryna do,what u tryna get into
There is just so many different things I can see that you into, soft and gentle
Someone that a nigga like me could get into
She been through similar things that I’ve been through
What you wanna do, wanna do
Just a little to get you, a little bit closer so I could paint you a picture
I can keep the bubble popping, if you add to the mixture
And just

Let me know (let me know), if you want you can leave with me
Let him know, that you wanna be with me
Let us go, so we can get this z, in between the sheets

[Verse 2]
Let me know so I can scoop you up and ride out
So I can show you what just one night stand about
I’m gonna get up in em sheets like Ron Isley
Freaky sideki, I love when you surprise me
You ain’t into all that club hopping
We headin straight to my yacht, lil mama to get it poppin
All that ass baby girl,let’s make it crackalay
Smellin like grapes, I’m gonna mate like apes
So seductive, you ma lil pumpkin
Then I can’t go 5 minutes without us humping
You can be with me, just constantly be ma freak
So we can get to sweatin in em satin sheets
All this time on our hands, we gotta twerk som’n
Cause I been patiently waiting, to hurt som’n
Sexy thing, this our secret location
We can always meet up an exchange sex faces


[Verse 3]
The moment the bill in, yea dollars go spend
A couple a thug niggas, sippy cups in hand
And a couple a jealous eyes, ain’t no surprise
She figures she can hit me, wit a couple of lies
Hold up, what your nigga got to do wit me?
Slide me the church, yea so easy
Heading back to the circle with a couple of girls
Making sure I see that ass do a couple a twirls
Couple a more sips, now you’re back in ma face
Watching you so hard, nigga tryna give chase
I ain’t playin no tug-a-war, now what you here for?
What’s keeping the dirty looks, all on the dance floor
Let me know
Let me know fast, your drunk ass want, or let me go
Really though, you need to make up your mind
Cause the nigga that you with make you decline


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