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Let Off

Got the intelligence, up you irrelevant
Mind flow extreme, supreme intelligence
Hop in the scene unseen but Netherland
Power extreme things that can knock off elephants
Nigga start to panic, when that gigantic cannon
Push me a life line to a whole different planet
I’m planning a new twist, calculating my path
Planning a new trip
Headed to a place that ain’t got no zip
My g and my mc shit’s legit
The fact that the bitch’s on my dick is the shit
Monstrosity, fully equipped
With them laser beam tactics
Hurdle them backwards,
The turtle in the shell fish against the kraken
Original back cracker, the champ …
Aggressive, …
The finer the…divine macking
Should I let them live or drown them?
… I’m killing my clown
It’s too late, the homies around
It was bout a couple of weeks for they found him
Nigga was … a little seasoning and ground him
I told my dogs one thing before you pound him
Just make sure the motherfuckers feel it around

Yeah, lord knows I’m trying to be lady light
But these bitches keep calling me
My apologies in advance, on you probably
Not conscience of the aftermath that I conjured up
I’m nothing but a young girl who hungers to succeed
And everything I’m touching I’m … us
Californian woman born to glorious
So I’m not forming a warrior, cause I’m victorious
So when the storm hit you, it’s for sure
To go to close by, Millie or the Ruger
That bullet… the era Freddie Krueger
When the 2 fuse together it produces a nightmare
You fools cannot remove yourself from
Beautiful monster, it’s me 2 fingers scout’s honor
Scouting all of my targets, body…
Fragile … the gimmicks of the playing hard…

Niggas playing with the game too much
Talking not a shit gonna get you fucked up
Tell about the way keep a hater on hush
Stay up in your lane, why you trying to stay tough? X 2

Yep, I’m talking to you
And every other nigga in your whack ass crew
Man handle them and then we drag them you out the booth
Watch your mouth boy, especially when them cannons is loose
Slanged up it’s by the kilo, so fuck a nigga ego
Dibo, cause you’re weak and you’ll never be my equal
Kurupt… let them text …

I welcome everybody to the cabaret
18 inch steaks and plates of yay
I welcome everybody to the world of may
Lady…formulas that nourish like formula
… got this attack plan since 84
…have you…a little with this
That motherfucking west coast gangsta shit
Change the flow with the ocean and pour it to Oakland
…Suckers like rain clouds…
Everywhere you looking, I’m posted
Sticking like a thumbtack, I cook em and toast em
Motherfuckers get chipped like potatoes…
Never gonna stop till everybody’s laying on the ground

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